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The article focuses on the issue of future teachers of English information-digital competence development as an important condition for the development of the information society as one of the national priorities. The author states that while the future teachers are obtaining higher education, the secondary teachers and school students are also developing and moving forward. The issue of the develop-ment of the future teachers of English information-digital skills is considered to be an urgent issue facing modern pedagogical institutions of higher education. The ways of future teachers of English information-digital competence development are revealed, the factors influencing this process and the issues to be taken into consi-deration are studied. Special attention is paid to the communication and its features on the Internet: symbols, hieroglyphs, memes, emoticons, infographics, etc. as well as virtualization and digitalization. These tools are considered to encourage stu-dents to communicate in a non-native language as they make this process more expressive and easier for understanding. The issue of «digital immigrants» teaching the «digital natives» is partially touched. The article presents the unit «Application of Information and Communication Technologies in Foreign Language Learning» being a part of the experimental curriculum of «English Language Teaching Metho-dology» worked out within the Joint Project of British Council Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine «New Generation School Teacher». Teacher’s information-digital skills, presented in the article, include the ability to use a variety of software to learn and teach English; to use social networks, blogs, sites, to evaluate the potential of online audio and video material for language learning; to assess the potential risks of using the Internet for students of all ages and to set cybersecurity rules; to study current trends in mobile learning and to use mobile phones for educational purposes. The examples of the activities for future teachers of English information-digital skills development are described as they are used in Methodology classroom.


information-communication competence; future teachers’ of English information-digital skills; communication; information and communication technologies

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