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This article deals with the intensity and effectiveness of education reform in Ukraine in recent years, with a focus on the formal education of future foreign lan-guage teachers. The state of formal pedagogical education at this stage is analyzed. The latest documents proposed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine are reviewed and the prospects for their implementation in modern conditions are determined. Much attention is paid to the key components of the new Ukrainian school's formula, based on the main components which are necessary for the suc-cessful implementation in future foreign language teacher training. This article out-lines the basic requirements for the qualifications of new Ukrainian school teachers, the challenges they face, and the need to develop critical thinking and an ability to apply innovative approaches. The author indicates the directions of pedagogical education development and analyzes their influence on the training of foreign language teacher quality improving. The article describes the internal and external quality assurance of teaching staff training and its professional development. The author points out the effectiveness of the pilot program «New Generation School Teacher» and the need to expand it in a larger number of pedagogical universities. As a result of analysis of the latest projects, programs and concepts, the author suggests a number of measures that may facilitate the rapid transformation of future foreign language teacher formal education in Ukraine. The main steps which can have a positive impact on the raising quality of foreign language teacher training in future are defined in this article as follows: setting an appropriate bar of the foreign language external assessment results; changes in the content of the training prog-rams for foreign language teachers and the forms and methods of teaching major subjects; development of online learning and learner’s autonomy; establishing cooperation between different stages of education. The implementation of the measures suggested by the author may contribute to more intensive and effective changes in the formal education of future foreign language teachers in Ukraine.


educational reforms; educational requirements; formal teacher education; new Ukrainian School; life-long professional development; quality assurance; stages of education.

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